Other pipelined projects

Infinity Food Hub

Hunger and food waste are the nation’s biggest problems for many decades. Infinity Food Hub is a project aimed to reduce the Food Waste and Hunger in parallel. The outline of the project is the edible food wastes are collected and served to the hunger hand in hand. Other than this we have planned to implement various awareness campaigns, strategies, and plans to reduce individual food waste and to feed the hunger all days in a year. This project is listed under Infinity Human Care Board

A School A Tree

We wanted to make afforestation and preserving trees a habit for the next generation. A School A Tree will help to plant more trees and to make the next generation aware about it. The name clearly explains the description of the project. This project involves activities such as planting trees in educational institutions and various awareness campaigns in conserving our environment. This project is listed under Infinity Nature Care Board


We are aimed to bring up a generation that is completely aware of the values of wildlife and its importance. INWILD is a special and first project in Infinity Wildlife Care Board. Through INWILD we are planning to initiate various campaigns insisting the awareness about knowing the values of wildlife and the importance of conserving them. INWILD is focused on taking the campaign to every class of people and to make them more aware of the current status of wildlife in our nation. This project is listed under Infinity Wildlife Care Board.

My Trash My Task

This is a special project in solid waste management. Through My Trash My Task project we aim to build a safer and cleaner nation. Infinity Research and Development Team is working on various ways to recycle and reprocess the degradable and non-degradable wastes. Various researches are being conducted to find an efficient way to recycle wastes and by easy approach. We expect this project to be launched by next year.